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Robert Hudson’s Latest Book

The Beautiful Madness of Martin Bonham by Robert Hudson

The Beautiful Madness of Martin Bonham

Part inspiration, part sitcom—like a cross

between C. S. Lewis and P. G. Wodehouse

“I don’t love God.” Little did Gen-Z seminarian Katie Westcott know that when she made that confession to English professor Martin Bonham one fine summer day it would throw the quiet campus of Cupperton University into an uproar. Nothing would be the same again.

Together, this unlikely pair of oddballs poses this question: What if students could major in “loving God”not religion or theology, but in the daily challenge of loving the Creator with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength? Well, now they can … in the new and innovative Department of Theophilythe department of loving God.

Yet, strangely enough, not everyone is happy about the new department, and they will stop at nothing to see it shut down.

“Hilarious, thoughtful, and thought-provoking: a true delight!”

Sarah Arthur,

Author of A Light So Lovely

... invigorating and refreshingly down to earth ...

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove,

Assistant Director

Partnerships and

Fellowships, Yale University

“Bob Hudson has written a novel I wish I had written—and yet this is better, because I get to enjoy it.”

John R. Mabry,

Pastor and Director

at the Chaplaincy Institute 

A Note from the Author

Each character in this book reminds me of someone I’ve known, or, more accurately, many someones. Their various approaches to loving God are what interest me. More to the point, most of the characters are also me, for each one lives and breathes inside me, and at some time or other I have shared their attitudes, enthusiasms, excesses, and misconceptions. This book explores how we look within ourselves to see the world ... and to see its creator.


So thank you for considering reading it. My hope is that you too, in your own mind’s eye, find new and different ways to see and experience God’s love. 


-Robert Hudson

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